More than 80% of people in the U.S. say they believe in God. This is good and not hard to believe since the evidence for God is all around us in the things He has made, especially in the majestic intricacy of our own bodies.

* Can you believe that the God who made us truly loves us with a deep and abiding love? He really does.

* Can you believe that He is not a God who is far off and uncaring, but one who really cares about everything that touches us? He really does.

* Can you believe that even though we have difficulty understanding the many bad things happening in our world God is still sovereign and will bring all things to their right conclusion? It's true.

* Can you believe that God is not responsible for the bad things that have come into our world, but has given all people choices to make, and unfortunately many use those choices against His will? We really do.

Nativity of Jesus

* But in spite of all of this, can you believe that He chose to take on human flesh and become one of us, seeing, knowing, and sharing all the pain and heartache we experience? Amazing, but true.

* Can you believe that the humble baby born in a Bethlehem stable would one day willingly give His life for the sins of all mankind, and be the Redeemer that would bring hope to all the world. It is all true and can be believed.

That is what we proclaim throughout this wonderful season. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ.