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January 17, 2020

Pastor StapfAnother lesson from the hospital - I'm hoping maybe the last one. It amazes me how quickly one gets weak from inactivity. For a person who is use to getting up and doing for themselves that ability is no longer there. Though Rehab. has been in and some strength is coming back. The lesson is about weakness. In my current situation I am very much dependent upon others. In the physical realm that is a hard lesson learn. But think about what Paul said in II Corinthians 12:10. "For when I am weak, then I am strong." Paul had been persecuted,  mocked, beaten, jailed. Much of his freedom denied him. This made him look beyond himself for a strength he didn't have. His eyes had to turn to the Lord Christ who alone could support him, guide him, and give him the strength he needed for the situations he faced. No one likes to be weak, and we are supposed to use all of the physical strength and ability our Lord gives us. We use it in service to His glory. But at the same time we accept our need for support, wisdom, and guidance from One beyond ourselves. We, in fact, rejoice in our weakness because that maintains our bond to the true source of our life and strength. When we realize that we are weak in ourselves then we can become strong in Jesus. 

Pastor (emeritus) Irvin Stapf

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