Christ Lutheran seeks to minister to our young people through:

  • Sunday School: 9:30 to 10:15am
    We have classes for Pre-Schoolers, Elementary, Junior & Senior High youth, as  well as for adults. Our focus is to help the children grow in the centrality of the Scripture; in the centrality of Jesus; and to assist the parents in the religious education of their children.
  • Children’s Sermon:
    During the church service, we offer a Children’s Sermon that is based on the Gospel reading for that Sunday with a focus on a message that assists in your child’s understanding of the Scripture.
  • Nursery:
    During the church service, the nursery is available for all children age 5 and under. The Nursery teacher takes the children to the nursery after the Children’s Sermon and returns them to the sanctuary just prior to Communion. The children are invited to come to the altar with their parents to receive the blessing. During the nursery time, a short religious message and activity are conducted to assist in these early years religious education.
  • First Communion Preparation Classes:
    At the discretion of parents we invite children, after first grade and older, to come with their parents to receive Holy Communion. There is a four week class taught by the Pastor for children and parents to prepare them for First Communion. We offer grape juice in lieu of wine to the children during communion.

  • Confirmation Classes:
    Confirmation is intended to prepare young people to accept the responsibility of their Baptismal Covenant that was made for them by their parents when they were young. Confirmation is a two year program, coinciding with the school year schedule, and usually begin when a child turns 13. This, too, is decided in conjunction with parents. The first year of Confirmation helps young people have a familiarity with the use of the Bible, as well as its overall message from Genesis through Revelation. It is intended to give them a life long desire to search the Scriptures and know more about our Lord who gave them to us. The second year focuses on the central doctrines of our faith, especially related to the salvation work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Following completion for confirmation instruction, young people share in a confirmation service during worship on Pentecost Sunday.
  • Youth for Christ:
    Christ Lutheran has supported the programs of Youth for Christ for many years. They work with Junior High and High School youth in the Montgomery County area. Since 1944, Youth for Christ has played a pivotal, catalytic role in youth evangelism. Their center is located on Stringtown Road, Clarksburg. For more information, please visit their website or, contact Marcus Hunkeler at PO Box 665, Clarksburg, MD 20871; (301) 509-0155; email